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    The Members Area is the main page that will list activity updates and give you an overall look at what has been happening on Adult Talent List. A navigation bar at the top allows you to see main areas and features available. You can manage your account settings by clicking the avatar icon at the top of your Adult Talent List dashboard and selecting Profile Settings from the dropdown.

    Difference between the Dashboard and your profile

    Your Adult Talent List dashboard is a place to see what’s going on in your network and share posts in your feed, while your profile is the page that’s all about you.

    • Only you can see your dashboard, while your profile shows information about you that you want to share with others.
    • People can see your profile when they connect with you, search your name, or click your name in a post, forum, or other area.
    • You can look at your own profile by clicking your avatar icon at the top of your dashboard.

    Network posts and sharing

    You can share different types of content using the share box at the top of the Member’s Area.

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