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    The GDPR is a comprehensive European data protection law that provides significant data rights for individuals, including Adult Talent List members. As always, we take a members-first approach in the way we build products and work with our partners and customers. We’ve updated our customer agreements to reflect GDPR requirements. As an Adult Talent List customer, you’re able to make requests to export or delete data at the individual seat holder or the contract level.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    What type of data export can I request?

    • As a customer, you can delete or export data your enterprise data at the individual level. The export process won’t delete data. A separate request will need to be issued for data deletion. Certain data is already available for export through your account. To request export of other data or deletion of member data, please contact an Adult Talent List representative or visit the Privacy Center.

    What information will be deleted upon my request?

    • Data deletion can take place at the member level. Data deletion includes the following data as related to an member’s account: Job postings, portfolios, Candidate notes, Saved profiles, and Posts. The deletion process cannot be undone.
    in The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR)

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