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    Notifications are a central aspect of the user experience on Adult Talent List. By default new notifications are displayed in the user profile menu, right next to the navigation menu.

    Notifications are sent out to community members as soon as one of the following things happen:


    • A member mentions you in an update @username
    • A member replies to an update or comment you’ve posted
    The Notifications menu on


    • A member sends you a new message


    • A member sends you a connection request
    • A member accepts your connection request


    • Receive notifications of your own posts?

    Every user can view their read and unread notifications on their “Notifications” page on their profile and easily:

    • Mark notifications as “read”
    • Mark notification as “unread”
    • Delete notification (in batches if needed)

    Email Notifications

    Users can enable and disable receiving emails when new notifications are received. This can be done through the Settings > Email page.

    Screenshot 2014-04-16 18.40.48

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